No Need to Hibernate

If the changing of the seasons brings to mind thoughts of months of winter isolation, then maybe it's time for a change. Winter doesn't have to mean that you limit your social activities to the days that you can safely navigate your slippery sidewalk and dig your car out of the snow. 

For members at Partridge Knoll, fall and winter mean welcoming Wine and Cheese parties by the fireplace, holiday entertainment and plenty of scheduled activities without every leaving your home! 

Come and See!

Come and see what retirement living can be on Friday, June 12 from 1-3:00pm as Partridge Knoll holds its annual Open House. Join the staff for free tours and refreshments and learn first hand what your retirement could look like. We are located at 30 Sullivan Drive in Canton, NY. Call (315) 379-1428 for more information or to schedule a private tour. 

Food is Important

Whether your taste buds favor good ol' home-style pot roast or an enticing maple-glazed salmon, there's one thing for sure- Food is something to be savored and mealtime is an important time of the day.The dinner hours are some of the best hours at Partridge Knoll as fabulous aromas from the kitchen find their way into the dining room.  "The Hearth", Partridge Knoll's restaurant-style dining room, offers a variety of menu items sure to tempt even the fussiest of palates.

Join Us and See!

Come and join us for our annual open house. We'd love to show you around. 

See for yourself!

It's spring! I can tell because the tulips out front have pushed through the semi-frozen ground and they are attempting to bud. With spring comes the annual Partridge Knoll Open House. The Open House is just one of the times when we invited the public in to get a sneak peek at what life here at Partridge Knoll is truly like.

Visions of Green Grass?

When winter and Mother Nature are exceptionally harsh, it's impossible not to long for spring, green grass, tulips, and the promise of warmer weather. Brutally cold temperatures and blowing snow have kept a lot of us indoors this winter. When these conditions linger,  it's not uncommon for symptoms of cabin fever to begin to set in. If you do get out and about, be sure to check in on people in your community that may have a more difficult time getting out.

Our "Typical" Member

When people visit Partridge Knoll for the first time, we're often asked, "What is your typical member like?" The answer is simple:There isn't one. Our members come from all over the United States. Actually, from all over the world. Sure, we have had members from across St. Lawrence County: Massena, Ogdensburg, Saranac Lake and Lake Placid. We've also had people move to PK from California, Florida- even Dubai and London! We have members that have traveled to Egypt, Africa and all over Europe and we have had members that don't like to travel outside of St.

What are you Thankful For?

It took a while, but Mother Nature has finally started to bring that familiar chill to the air that reminds us that winter is on its way. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and everywhere you go people are talking about what they are thankful for. What are PK members thankful for? Here are some of top responses:

  • "Knowing help is close by if I need it." 
  • "My independence." 
  • "The staff. They are wonderful!" 
  • "Not having to shovel the driveway anymore."